Are you tired of getting tests and not receiving answers? Cardiovascular care goes beyond testing. When choosing a Specialist, especially one that will manage yours and your loved one’s cardiac conditions, you want to ensure that the Provider understands your needs, is able to communicate and listen with understanding and will involve you in the decision making process. A Cardiovascular Specialist is not just the one that completes your procedure, but the one that will be spending time with you integrating all the components of your health in an effort to develop a comprehensive evaluation with a goal of maintaining your active lifestyle and most importantly, prevention.

Dr. Nitza Alvarez, the founder of Tri-County Heart Institute, lives and practices with the philosophy of treating her patients the way she would treat her family. At Tri-County Heart Institute you are family.  We welcome you to come and experience this for yourself.


  • In-office Services

    • Consultation
    • Pre-operative evaluation
    • Coumadin monitoring
    • Heart Rhythm Monitoring
      • Holter monitor (24 hour)
      • Cardiac event recorder (up to 30 days)
    • 30-day arrhythmia monitor
    • Echocardiogram
    • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • Stress test
      • Exercise stress tests – Treadmill
      • Stress echocardiogram
      • Nuclear stress test (treadmill)
      • Pharmacological stress test (resting)
    • Pacemaker Follow-up
      • Transtelephonic monitoring
      • Pacemaker evaluation and reprogramming
    • Vascular Studies
      • Carotid ultrasound
      • Lower extremity arterial and venous ultrasound
      • Ankle brachial index (ABI)
  • Hospital Services

    Comprehensive cardiology and heart rhythm procedures performed in the hospital utilizing the latest technological advancements include:
    – Cardiac Imaging
    o Transesophageal echocardiography
    o CT angiography
    – Cardiac Catheterization Studies
    o Right heart catheterization
    o Left heart catheterization
    o Heart catheterization for congenital anomalies
    o Coronary artery imaging
    – Peripheral vascular procedures
    o Renal artery imaging
    – Cardiac arrhythmia procedures
    Implantable cardiac monitor