About Tri-County Heart Institute

Tri-County Heart Institute is the home of Dr. Nitza I. Alvarez, a female Cardiologist, who is also an avid runner. She is keenly aware of the importance of staying active in order to maintain a satisfying quality of life. In her practice, Dr. Alvarez is devoted to ensuring that you receive the highest standard of cardiovascular care and will work with you in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease helping you to stay healthy and active.

At Tri-County Heart Institute, Dr. Alvarez and her staff are dedicated to provide you with comprehensive cardiac care which includes management of cardiovascular diseases, heart rhythm, and other vascular problems.

Dr. Alvarez believes the care of your heart starts with prevention and that your cardiovascular problems should not limit you in staying active.

Diane shares her personal experience with Atrial fibrillation (A-Fib)